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Reflections on the supervision and standardization

Abstract In this paper, the construction industry in China since the implementation of the supervision system to the current situation and difficulties faced, explore the various reasons, and from the practice of supervision of construction work on the standardization of China put forward their own views.

1 Supervision of the present situation and the environment faced by

Supervision of construction projects undertaken in nearly ten years, due to the construction industry for many years entrenched ways of thinking and practice, making the implementation of supervision in accordance with international practice, the system is not perfect. Supervision of the conduct in this area has been stagnant deep, also resulted in the development of China's construction market is not standardized, unhealthy. Supervision of the present situation and problems due to environment, mainly in the following areas:

(1) most of the current construction projects are not the whole process of supervision, but only limited supervision of the construction phase of the project.

(2) in the supervision system, the three elements of "quality, investment and progress," control, the actual work is only to stay in quality control, and investment, the progress of the majority is a form of control, many still remain in the talk by the project owner count of the stage, did not reflect the impartiality of the Commissioner.

(3) in the supervision system implementation process, supervision of construction projects should have the necessary authority. Dan in China can not fully exercise their supervisory powers of supervision in accordance with criteria for issuing the important directives (Ru suspension order, resumption of work order, etc.) Since the parties failed to implement Zhixing Ganrao last.

(4) construction projects, due to conservative ideas, some owners can not straighten their position on the supervisory responsibilities under the contract does not actively perform, such as: do not pay the supervision fee under the contract on time, can not provide office space for the supervision and work facilities.

(5) As the construction market, increasing competition, the supervision and project supervision units to obtain competing to keep the prices down, causing the market cycle. Management remuneration is low, affecting the work of supervision engineer's enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

2 Analysis

2.1 The project owner has not changed the old concept of form drag on the supervision system to promote

Engineering Project Management System in accordance with international practice, project owners, contractors, construction supervision units form a mainstay of the market, they are each equal trimers, there is no affiliation between each other, nor is the relationship between employment and be employed. However, due to the current competitive construction market, demand exceeds supply, and the bidding system is not perfect, the owners seem, his supervision units and contractors are hired, and should listen to his command. Therefore, the supervision will often be the owners of interference and obstruction. In our previous supervisory experience in a project once it two things: a construction unit in the pouring of concrete, the surface structure with local anesthesia occurred, supervisors, after careful observation, that Ma face is partial, superficial, do not need special treatment.

Can make up for the course of follow-up of plaster, while the on-site owners on behalf of the lack of engineering experience, too much emphasis on project quality, the need to rework deal with, and unauthorized construction units work to make rectification order, both the delay time, increased construction unit costs unnecessarily. Another thing is the construction unit in the reinforced concrete construction process, there is no implementation of the process inspection system, reinforced by the supervisors did not verify the check and acceptance, but also did not get the concrete poured to make the case to unauthorized pouring of concrete, supervisors discovered , immediately issued a stop work order and request construction unit rework, but the owners to drive progress, strongly disagree supervisors views, resulting in orders can not be implemented. The opposite surface, these two things, but in fact the owners are not properly position itself, ultra vires the command, so that supervision can not be normal. Although some owners to control their investments to the supervising engineer, but it is only a superficial, when the progress of the project supervising engineer visa section of the certificate, the owner does not pay on time and quantity, resulting in supervising engineer on the project investment can not be effective control, also makes the schedule control has become empty talk. This is the "Three control" into "one control" of the main reasons.

2.2 Supervision needs to further improve the formulation of laws and regulations

Supervising engineer services for the owners, and owners have the authority and the commission before engaging in supervision. Thus, supervisors can easily be subject to the owners. When owners and contractors in the project implementation disputes, supervising engineer shall be subject to third-party standing in the position of Commissioner of the Code, the fair treatment of both disputes. In China, the current "standard of construction supervision of the commission contract terms," it does not confer the power of supervision engineer should therefore be able to manage this very difficult. For example, the "standard of construction supervision commission contract terms" Article 16 (2) provides: Release Management Engineer start order, suspension order, return to work order by the owner's consent to. This limits the independence of the work supervision engineer, will not be able to deal justly with the owners and contractors of the dispute. In the real work, will often see this phenomenon: As the work of upholding the principles of supervision engineers, and sometimes there was a deadlock on the make supervision; or just listen to the owners of the supervising engineer, and also allows supervision to lose impartiality.

2.3 Supervision Unit their own problems

Supervisors their quality is not high. As the current market standard in supervision, and supervision of low remuneration, supervision can not attract high-quality technical expertise, personnel engaged in supervision. Therefore, the supervisors presented the organizational structure of polarization: one is from the construction, design units are older retired from the engineering and technical personnel. These people have a certain theoretical and practical experience, but lack practical experience in project supervision. The other part is just and colleges allocated to the graduates. That some people experience worse. Some supervisors discipline loose, or even use work will take, take, to greatly damaged the reputation of the profession supervision. Although the nominal supervision units have a number of levels of qualification certificate and business license, but not their regular employees, do not possess the qualifications in supervision. Made task on a few people on the provisional Minato, mission was over, staff on the dissolution, not to mention conduct standardized supervision.

3 on the standard supervision Suggestions

3.1 The project owner to change the old ideas, and project owners to conduct the necessary constraints and norms

(1) The Government should be representatives of the owner or owners induction training. Analysis from the front, we can see the behavior of the owners is the impact of supervision carried out important factors. Supervision can be carried out smoothly, the key is whether there is a good quality of the owners. This is mainly because the owner holds a lot of construction activity in the decision-making power, but no corresponding rules and regulations binding. Supervisory personnel engaged in supervision, to have the certificate of supervision engineer positions, and the owners of the site owners or representatives of accredited project management do not need any certificate. They may not understand the procedures and working methods of supervision, technical expertise or do not know, but can use their power, subjectivity. The solution is to allow owners to learn the relevant state policies and regulations, learn the professional technical knowledge, and obtain the corresponding positions certificate to apply for construction permits and other relevant written procedures.

(2) to strengthen government enforcement inspection and supervision. Projects in accordance with international practice management system, the administrative department of the government building to the owners, contractors and supervision units and supervision of construction activities. But in fact, carry out the work in this area is relatively weak, causing some owners of irregularities or unreasonable demands in limbo, unable to correct the situation. Therefore, we should strengthen the government departments of law enforcement inspection and supervision and management, there is need for criticism and education through administrative penalties and other means, stipulating that the owners of 涓?irregularities.

3.2 to further modify and improve the supervision and regulations

The current supervision, the supervising engineer is difficult to play a role in contract management, mainly due to the existing legislation does not empower the Commissioner of supervision engineer should have power.鍥藉鐨勩?FIDIC 鍦熸湪宸ョ▼鏂藉伐鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬬殑绐佸嚭鐗圭偣鏄紝鍦ㄤ紬澶氭潯娆惧唴灏嗙鐞嗙殑鏉冨姏璧嬩簣浜嗙洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀銆傛瘮濡傦紝鍦ㄨ繘搴︽帶鍒舵柟闈紝鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑寮?伐浠ゃ?鍋滃伐浠ゃ?澶嶅伐浠や笉闇?缁忚繃涓氫富鐨勫悓鎰忋?

銆??鍦ㄦ姇璧勬帶鍒舵柟闈紝涓氫富涓嶆寜鏃舵敮浠樺伐绋嬫锛岀洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鏈夋潈涓烘壙鍖呭晢杩藉姞寤舵湡鍒╂伅銆傚湪璐ㄩ噺鎺у埗鏂归潰銆傛壙寤哄晢蹇呴』鏃犳潯浠跺湴鎵ц鐩戠悊宸ョ▼甯堝彂甯冪殑娑夊強鍚堝悓鍐呯殑鍚勯」鎸囦护銆傝?涓旂洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍙戝竷鐨勬寚浠や笉浠呭鎵垮缓鍟嗘湁绾︽潫鍔涳紝鑰屼笖瀵逛笟涓诲悓鏍峰叿鏈夌害鏉熷姏銆傚洜姝わ紝鎴戜滑搴斿?閴淬?FIDIC 鍚堝悓鏉′欢銆嬶紝淇敼鍜屽畬鍠勭洃鐞嗘硶瑙勶紝浣跨洃鐞嗗伐绋嬪笀鍦ㄥ悎鍚岀鐞嗕腑灞呬簬鏍稿績鍦颁綅锛屼篃浣垮緱浠栬兘澶熷湪宸ヤ綔涓嚟鑷繁鐨勮亴涓氶亾寰枫?涓撲笟鎶?湳銆佸疄璺电粡楠岋紝鐙珛鍦版?鑰冮棶棰橈紝鍏鍦拌В鍐抽棶棰樸?

銆??3.3 鍩瑰吇涓?壒楂樼礌璐ㄧ殑宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊浜烘墠


銆??3.4 鍔犲己瀵圭洃鐞嗗崟浣嶇殑璧勮川瀹℃煡涓庣鐞?br />
銆??濡備笂鎵?堪锛岀洰鍓嶅悎鏍肩殑鐩戠悊浜哄憳骞朵笉澶氾紝浣嗘槸鐩戠悊鍗曚綅鍗存垚绔嬩簡寰堝锛屽憟鐜颁竴鍝勮?涓婄殑灞?潰銆傛寜鐓с?宸ョ▼寤鸿鐩戠悊鍗曚綅璧勮川绠$悊璇曡鍔炴硶銆嬶紝瀵圭幇鏈夌洃鐞嗗崟浣嶈繘琛岀殑璧勮川瀹℃煡锛屽涓嶅鏉′欢鐨勶紝璇ラ檷绾х殑闄嶇骇锛岃鎾ら攢鐨勬挙閿??鍙湁杩欐牱锛屾墠鑳芥爲绔嬭捣鐩戠悊琛屼笟鑹ソ鐨勮亴涓氬舰璞★紝鎺ㄥ姩鐩戠悊浜嬩笟鏈濊鑼冨寲銆佸埗搴﹀寲銆佺瀛﹀寲鏂瑰悜鍙戝睍锛屼繚璇佺洃鐞嗕簨涓氱殑鍋ュ悍鎴愰暱銆?br />

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Notebook computer repair experience hidden rules

A 4,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan laptop, if specified by the manufacturer beyond the 1 to 3 years of warranty, or a careless man-made damage, such as collisions cause broken laptop screen or keyboard flooding, manufacturers will no longer be responsible for warranty, either to screen for or replace the motherboard, frequently is 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which many consumers will most likely have to do.

There are also self-notebook computer repair shop, and brand manufacturers in the maintenance of market competition, with the deceptive tactics, while reducing maintenance costs, but is difficult to guarantee quality of service.

Laptop repair the face of the "hidden rules" from 2002, pioneering easy to repair (China) laptop repair chain founder Lee bluntly, "notebook repair cohabitation in China is still in the stage, there are no standard maintenance standards Consumers are being 'hidden rules' difficult to understand the facts. "

Laptop is broken, the purpose of consumers to the repair station is to restore notebook functionality, but the repairs are generally two ways.

One is the manufacturers service station maintenance mode "change", the industry also known as "board-level maintenance", regardless of which components on the motherboard broken, no matter how much the value of their own, are used for board manner. That company is the sale site maintenance standards as long as is necessary to replace all the damaged parts. This is the manufacturer of the main reasons for the high price of repair shops.

There is also a third-party repair shop, "chip-level maintenance", that is for the consumers computer chip on the motherboard replacement treatment, may only need to replace one or a few small chips can resume normal use of the computer function. This is a formal third-party repair shop because the price is relatively cheap.

For consumer equipment frustrating is that if the consumer to vendor repair shop maintenance, service shops as manufacturers have generally not prepared plates, each change must be present from the factory application, a longer time, usually have to wait a week or even two weeks.

"The problem is that many consumers to choose third-party maintenance reasons, it is also easy to repair the reasons for rapid growth in recent years." Lee said, easy repair and maintenance costs are generally the price of notebook computer manufacturers maintain 1 / 3, "We Companies from the start to now, has established more than 140 professional chain stores, more than 1,000 service team, has been repaired more than 50 million laptops. "

But the third-party repair shop, "chip-level maintenance," there stimulation.

Lee introduced the general consumer notebooks will be used only in the stage, the structure of the notebook, and working principles of professional knowledge does not understand the market is not uncommon for the banner of "chip-level maintenance" guise to deceive consumers phenomenon.

"The large scale laptop repair shop, a complete working system BGA Rework essential that we work with the BGA rework system is generally the value of more than 60,000 yuan, and some repair shops to grab business, even to 80 accept the price chip welding, their so-called BGA chip soldering is to use hot air gun to the north and south bridge chip or graphics chip heating, heating temperature can not control. Some even have the so-called BGA device is to spend several thousand dollars bought cheap equipment The success rate is very low welding. "Hao said.

For the consumer, although commitments to fix it without money. But the frightening thing is, after all welding notebook motherboard, motherboard are completely abandoned, even then no matter how good the top of the maintenance engineer to use the equipment can not do anything.

Statistics show that the relevant agencies, notebook computers purchased the first year, 8% ~ 10% repair rate, my laptop last 3 years were 6.297 million units sold, 960 million and 1300 million units. As the 3G era, light, powerful notebook will become more popular. Call of the notebook market growing more and more transparent rules for maintenance.

As "80" after the entrepreneur, Lee believes that "as the country's largest third-party laptop computer repair company, we recognize laptop repair price is reasonable 100 -150 yuan software failure, hardware failure 200 ~ 550. Of course, the difficulty of different detection and maintenance, store maintenance costs of different businesses, the price range a little higher or lower is reasonable. "

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Qingdao Shengli Oilfield nursing home use Maxima

Qingdao Shengli Oilfield Shengli Oilfield nursing homes is the nursing home in Qingdao, hotels and reception, is now in Qingdao Shengli Oilfield division level units. Nursing home is located in Qingdao City, the political, economic, cultural, financial, business center, transportation is very convenient. Nursing homes and beautiful environment, facilities, Qingdao municipal government named the "Garden" unit.

December 2009, Shengli Oilfield, nursing homes used in Qingdao Maxima front hotel management system management system, restaurant management systems, back office systems.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

International logistics, look for "evergreen" recipe for (I)

Global 500 companies with average life expectancy is only 40 years, the Chinese SMEs to escape the "Seven Year Itch," reflects that the initial stage of market economy and enterprise development environment, switching does not match the requirements of enterprise strangling fierce "Died," "disease" after another. In theory, companies follow to produce a flow - the smooth transition of the reproduction of the logic chain, until the "end" of the ideal state, in reality, more and more difficult to swing a reality. The reason, on the one hand, with the global economy, businesses with market changes faster and faster; the other hand, many see the enterprise in order to humble, conventional leads, also markets the process of switching constantly adjust and mutation to occur, as the growth of human physiological and psychological needs of synchronous development as simple as Destructive Enthusiasm, Yihuo conservative, it will lead to corporate "life shortened."

First, the "evergreen" in the recipe?

Enterprise is a series of organic combination of production factors. When the companies to better use than the competition to complete these elements of a work, the company will have some competitive advantages, competitive enterprise is the effective use of the real factors of production capacity. The form of an extremely diverse competitiveness, such as: the master has some important technology patents and technical aspects of competitiveness, from the excellent experience in marketing and efficient distribution network formed by the market competitiveness of marketing, and so on. Core competence is the long-term stable business foundation for competitive advantage is to the skills, assets and operation mechanism of organic self-organizing capacity of the enterprise integration, enterprise internal management of the implementation of strategies and the results of external trade strategy. A competitive edge to become a core competence:

First, users need to have sufficient value, that is fundamental to provide users with the benefits or effectiveness.

Second, the core competitiveness should have unique, if the enterprise expertise can be easily imitated by competitors, or through efforts to quickly build, it is difficult for enterprises to provide a lasting competitive advantage. Unique expertise and persistence in large part by the foundation on which it is determined. Those within the organizational system of the enterprise as a whole, the establishment of the learning experience in the system based on expertise, than based on individual patent or a good manager or technical backbone on the basis of expertise, with more unique.

Third, the core competitiveness should be of scalability, should be able to open a wide range of products for the enterprise market to provide support to the business range of products or services have a role in promoting competitiveness. Have a strong core competitiveness, means that companies rely on core competence in participating in the best product on the market have the right to choose. If companies do not get the core competitiveness of leadership, have been shut out of more than just a product market, but losing a series of market and business opportunities.

Core competence of the continuing construction, more is dependent on the accumulation of experience and knowledge leader, not just a result of re-invention of a great leap forward. Therefore, it is difficult, "compression" or "surprise", even if the products become shorter and shorter, the core competitiveness of the construction still take years or even longer.

This regard, so that competition is difficult to imitate, and thus has strong persistence and entry barriers;

On the other hand, the key to building competitiveness as an investment risk and more than business resources and patience to pursue this area of clear senior management can promote the interests go beyond sectoral limitations, more from their overall strategy and consider the perspectives to grasp the future market needs, and early into their core competitiveness of the construction. Core competence in the building behind the competition of enterprises, often very difficult to catch up.

In the process, the application of information technology have a direct impact on the survival and development of enterprises. The successful application of information systems to become the leading enterprise in the erection of a wall and catch up with, will not realize that all this enterprise is far from the block in the back. Also made in the information age, information technology applications and the successful application of information technology management has become a powerful business tool to enhance core competitiveness, as the company "evergreen" an important factor, do play an important role in enterprise development.

Construction Enterprise Management Information Technology has not only computer applications in business management, it is more a condensation of the leading companies have long experience and accumulated knowledge, wisdom and leadership of international best management practices. Management Information technology has become a corporate business strategy an important part of decision-making, Yu enterprise strategic and operational needs of 鍙戝睍, closely combine Yunzuo strategy for enterprises to produce, market, marketing strategy, product development strategy, financial management strategies Yiji human resources strategy provide strong support for such information, more companies offer the basis of the development strategy and decision-making tools.

Needs to be emphasized is that in today's economic times, companies have not only reflects the value of physical assets and financial assets, but includes physical assets, financial assets, and customer assets, employees and suppliers of assets and organizational assets, including five assets. Thus, the enterprise information and analysis not only to understand the needs of business entities and financial, must be more comprehensive understanding of enterprise customers, employees, suppliers, and the entire supply chain and ecosystem needs.

Business needs of enterprises in all aspects involving the information system is varied. Enterprise information is an important task is through comprehensive analysis of internal and external needs, and establish the current and future development for enterprise information system architecture, the business needs of existing and construction of different information systems into a unified framework to achieve integration integration integration goals. As a manufacturing enterprise, general business information systems needs, including: financial, distribution, manufacturing and human resources management, communication with customers, sales and channel management, links with suppliers, and logistics management, enterprise and knowledge of office automation management, in-depth analysis of data mining and decision support. Finally be able to use well the means to integrate e-commerce implementation. In the construction business the way through the information bus, application networking technology as the enterprise information architecture and e-commerce will be the integration of various information system applications integrate data and information to achieve interoperability and sharing, and using enterprise information portal provided internal and external users personalized information interface.

Information systems success in the enterprise application can also bring real benefits for the enterprise, not only depends on the system's technical and business suitability, more importantly, whether the enterprise business processes can be closely integrated with information systems , from corporate strategy, management mechanism, business processes, performance appraisal and staff quality and corporate culture, to effectively change and integration.

Therefore, relying on management information systems to promote and support the business processes of "automation" and "Information Integration", enables enterprises to conduct business more efficient real-time operation. To provide effective and fast performance evaluation data of the business sector in areas such as performance assessment. These indicators of the strategic goals and business again and the process target, identify gaps corresponding to further improve the management or adjustment strategy, the company to success.

Second, corporate transformation Yantai Wanhua caused the "evergreen" Deep Thoughts

"Production creates demand" of the law of corporate life are welcome wake-up call times the excess, the external market environment of the switch pairs of the traditional business cycle of the challenges, business has been a classic in our past, "nurturing, growth, maturity and decline of the "four stages of life theory that eclipsed. At the same time, business system environment, reflect on their own core competence, but also will encounter a new phase of history - is to seize the product development of the hill continue to enhance the management level and means and ability to always half a beat faster than the competition, or change the concept of rules of the game from the creative staff, as competition "gatekeeper" role? These problems have become a business from the "middle age" to "known fate" had to step in Hom. Otherwise, the result of passively waiting for the excess can only be "sucker" melt in their hands, many years of painstaking efforts burned overnight.

From a single variable to see its rising trend of decline in amplitude are instantly on the enterprise "birthday" produced indeed affect the body's role, called corporate "net worth of his life"; the same time, a section of "small life" constitute the affect the company's comprehensive "injunction."

If you step on quasi-market Huanbu business beat, the indicators up the stairs, you live longer; the other hand, once behind bars, the decline is not far off. Moreover, traditional industries related to the greater firm size, the more a single product, the more intensive production, the competition more fierce. Often when I look back, he died but in the dim light.

Throughout history, when it comes before the economic cycle Dikaigaozou are all embarked on the vitality of enterprises, innovation and constant change breeds good time, until all enterprise system, and gradually put in place mechanisms and regulations are constantly promote macro-economic aspirations to a new high just around the corner. Furthermore, in reality, the coexistence of microscopic chaos and confusion of a macro-micro and macro rationality disorder go hand in hand for a micro-macro straighten drive, are the three stages of the evolution of economic patterns. As the "hot water in the frog," died on the environment is not sensitive to snatch the most vicious of the Kitty Hawk ultimate survival of the fittest in charge sky laws, Livestock, as indicated by the enterprise If understand the situation, a clear understanding on the chest and a positive trend response, the tree of life may be evergreen. Otherwise, the reform is likely to only become a stepping stone, too the world by storm and eventually vanished. According to the present scenario analysis that the reason China's economy is still in the micro-macro order to switch to the occasion, with the improved market environment, corporate nature "Birthday" will also be gradually extended.

2.1, enterprise reform is an inevitable trend

Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Yantai Wanhua) is mainly engaged in polyurethane and additives, isocyanate (MDI) and derivative product development, production, sales, is currently the only country with MDI production technology and equipment companies is the world's sixth MDI advanced manufacturing technology manufacturer of intellectual property rights. Isocyanate oligopoly market competition in the state of the world's major MDI manufacturers BAYER, Huntsman ICI, BASF, DOW Chemical, Mitsui NPU, Yantai Wanhua MDI production technology as complex, demanding process equipment, advanced production technology essentially the hands of several multinational companies, as the only industrialized production factory - Yantai Wanhua embarked on the path of independent development, and gradually mastered the art of MDI manufacturing technology, making China the following Germany, Britain, America and Japan after the fifth MDI manufacturing countries have to break the technological monopoly of transnational corporations, China's industrial development isocyanate had a profound significance.

In today's business environment around the world, the trend of globalization, under the influence of popular e-commerce, threats and opportunities are at the endless expansion. Enterprises are faced with increasing competition, and enterprises need to rapidly changing business models to adapt to changes in the environment. In the past, business success tips in the superiority of its tangible assets, such as advanced production equipment, or capital adequacy. Now, more companies are using their network of relationships with customers, brands, goodwill and other intangible assets as the most powerful tool in the face of competition, we can see that the importance of corporate transformation.

Urgency for change, for Yantai Wanhua addition to changes in the international environment, seize the opportunity, companies have to face the "WTO" impact. Chinese enterprises, especially state-owned enterprises, including Yantai Wanhua change left over for historical reasons, the operation is extremely weak base, the lack of more effective management and operation mechanism, more or less reflected in the following areas, and for Yantai Wanhua is, there are different levels of performance:

Need for effective implementation of the strategic orientation: the vision of industry enterprises and their own understanding of positioning, the lack of more detailed implementation procedures and effective means of achieving, in the execution and monitoring of the management of the lack of strong support system (such as: effective organization, management, business processes, management information technology), can not be a more effective organization and resources needed to establish the future of competition and competitiveness;

Non-matrix organization: organizational structure can not be a more effective implementation of the strategy with the company, it is difficult to effectively integrate and upgrade resources;

There is no scientific business process: the lack of horizontal links between business effectiveness, lack of information-sharing mechanism can not effectively create value for the enterprise;

Incentive mechanism is not clear: is subject to the performance evaluation system to enhance incentives to the growth of organizations and people behind the development of enterprises;

Low-level information technology: information systems lag behind, with less use of information technology, it is difficult to provide up to enterprise decision support;

Lower working capital: lack of mature businesses of funds and investment management skills, can not be efficient utilization of capital;

Therefore, the enterprise transformation for enterprises, it is particularly urgent and important.



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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Suzhou PCB Show 2008

Region: China
Organizer: Paper Communication Exhibition Organizers Shanghai New Paper Communication Exhibition Services
Supported by: Name 2008 Suzhou PCB Show Exhibition
Held :2008-5-16 End Time 2008-5-18

Display content

Exhibition will introduce

? Exhibition time: May 16, 2008 (3) to 18 (5)
? Venue: Suzhou International Expo Center (Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park side of the new museum)
? Organizers: Hong Kong Paper Communication Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Shanghai New Paper Communication Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Chan Chao International Co., Ltd.
? Co-organizer: Taiwan Printed Circuit Association
? Supported by: East China PCB Friendship Association, Association of South China PCB
? Cooperation: Taipei Computer Association
? Exhibition Scale: 900 booths in the two museums
? East buyers who? ?
Circuit board: Peggy Lam, Shanghai Shi E, Jervois circuit board, the Shanghai Exhibition China, Suo Nikai U.S. high image of gold, King Peng, Yan Xing, South Asia, Bo Cheng, 100 Master, HannStar Bode, Hongyuan , CRA, Tripod, Hong Jie, Nitto Denko, Meadville, elegant new, good communication, top London, New Delhi circuit, CMK, AT & T, SAMSUNG, IBDEN ... ...

ASSEMBLY (EMS) Factory: Ming-chi, Foxconn, Fujitsu, Motorola, Canon, Compal, MSI, Inventec, SAMSUNG, NOKIA, SHARP, NEC ... ....

Because the buyer is on your side, take the opportunity to sell products!

? Suzhou exhibition market advantage:

Straight guide near the market center of the Yangtze River Delta manufacturing, and electronic information industry as the most dominant of all the Chinese industrial regions
Price of a single exhibition price, change the past, domestic, joint ventures, foreign investment and so the price is unreasonable distinction; the General Assembly designated agent, Transport and decorating company also adopted a reasonable offer
Development of East China Science and Technology Corridor has become the production, procurement center; Shanghai is to trade, finance and service industry
Pavilion New Pavilion, Jinji Lake in Suzhou Industrial area edge, and the Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Hall with all the standard
Representative of the market the market is well known, Kunshan, Suzhou, but not yet the most representative of the Printed Circuit & Electronics Assembly Show, the largest exhibition of Suzhou, with the local electric Fair Union, reflect each other and will become an annual event of the Spring and Autumn
Display with a golf tournament with plans, technical seminars, receptions, tours, theme exhibition area and other activities to enhance mutual exchanges between firms

鈼?circuit board in this industry: all kinds of panels, multilayer, the soft board circuit board manufacturing, design and foundry.
鈼?circuit board equipment: includes air drying / wet process related equipment, circuit board testing equipment used.
鈼?circuit board with raw materials and chemicals.
鈼?related peripheral equipment, parts and components.
鈼?electronic product assembly and manufacturing services.

? Exhibition:
鈼?circuit board in this industry: all kinds of panels, multilayer, the soft board circuit board manufacturing, design and foundry.
鈼?circuit board equipment: includes air drying / wet process related equipment, circuit board testing equipment used.
鈼?circuit board with raw materials and chemicals.
鈼?related peripheral equipment, parts and components.
鈼?electronic product assembly and manufacturing services.

? Exhibition fee:

Booth Specifications
(9 square meters per booth) 2006.10.30 ago after 2006.11.1
Booths with standard equipment NTD 38,000 (no tax)
USD 1,120 (without tax)
RMB 9,700 (including tax) NTD 45,000 (without tax)
USD 1,330 (without tax)
RMB 11,500 (including tax)
Net stalls
(More than four stalls
Can be selected) NTD 35,000 (no tax)
USD 1,035 (without tax)
RMB 9,000 (including tax) NTD 42,000 (without tax)
USD 1,240 (without tax)
RMB 10,800 (including tax)
booth with standard assembly with:
Partitions on three sides, carpet, company signs a group, two fluorescent tubes, an inquiry desk, two folding chairs, a
13Amp single phase power outlet (including the 500-watt power consumption within the non-lighting)
? Booth selection methods:
1, according to the country is divided into regional and international areas.
Second, according to the exhibits category partition.
Third, the implementation is expected to open early in December seating, circle the rules to place more priority to select booth, with booths to be the first reported
Were first elected position.
Fourth, public seating, the newspaper that the election is to take that manner.
? Publicity plan:
鈼?GF 150 000 were domestic and international invitations to the following industries:
Circuit board industry, electronics assembly industry, electronic product OEM, semiconductor, optoelectronics industry, information
Telecommunications industry, telecommunications industry, computer industry, electronic industry, academia and related industries.
鈼?through professional magazines, newspapers, websites and television interviews to promote the message and to invite the industry to visit the exhibition.
鈼?E-mail E-mail message form GF exhibition.
鈼?on important routes, locations Lu Qi, T-Bar, balloons, additional exhibition messaging.
鈼?at key locations (such as railway stations, hotels, industrial areas) and then parked the bus running between the exhibition hall, free to participate
View travel industry; and links the major circuit board mill, assembly plants, foundries, and other electronic procurement and free shuttle service to plants
Technical department staff visit.
鈼?venue issue in the electronics industry in Suzhou map, mobile belt bag, providing exhibitors name or image of wide LOGO
鈼?conjunction with the exhibition organized activities, such as the Golf Tournament, Dinner, technical seminars, new product presentations, etc.
To enhance industry interaction; and set up a consistent trend of a museum display area, to show more increases to be seen
鈼?Issue CTEX biweekly e-newsletter and quarterly print content will be published industry information and exhibitors of new products and moving
State report, mail and sent by post to the relevant industry.

Suzhou International Expo Center Exhibition Name
Venue Suzhou, Jiangsu
Contact Feng Yi 13761491146
Tel 021-63045419-277
Fax 021-64181136
E-mail address



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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Experience of Six Sigma failures [1]

Turning failures always seemed an embarrassing thing, in the consulting work the past few years, I rarely hear the consultant or consulting practitioners about the failure of their own experience, particularly in customer-facing, when the moment Even if all the success stories that dZi not excessive, one purpose, once you have chosen to provide his consulting services, how much you will get the number of high-return, do not choose to consult how good you will miss an opportunity to improve. The problem is that you and your clients really well prepared for change.

Change is not an easy thing to do, to seek changes in the number of enterprises can not be 100 percent successful. Is not that these management methods and tools is a problem, but even the best corporate management theory must also be supported to improve the culture. Lean production we see from Toyota's success in 2004, Toyota's car sales only 560,000 less than the second highest general, and its annual net profit but other than the U.S. "Big Three auto plants," the total profit is also to more than 11.3 billion U.S. dollars, profit margin is as high as 6.7%, while GM is only 1.9%. In China, there are already many companies are learning the Toyota production methods, but those who have achieved is something rare, and why? Not a long-term business philosophy and cultural support to improve the type! Toyota Production System (TPS: Toyota Production System) only Toyota to make cars really brings to the continued success of Toyota is that its business management model, which Toyota model (The Toyota Way), which, together with the Toyota Production System is known as Toyota DNA's double helix. Implementation of a law from the Six Sigma we saw GE, Motorola's success that numerous companies are implementing Six Sigma failure proved compared to other methods in terms of innovation, Six Sigma organizational change more difficult, more senior leaders need to consistently as stubborn insistence, because success often lies in adhering to the final step.

Lean Six Sigma, or choose options, is not important, even if the selection criteria, such as the effectiveness of the implementation of ISO9000, also get significant improvements, unfortunately, nearly 90% of the enterprises, the implementation of the ISO9000 standard both inside and outside two Paper, is to obtain a certificate as some consulting firms for their own interests, will help you prepare documents, almost copying apply, some certified company for its own market share, knowing that does not meet certification requirements, they start give you the certificate, and then very kindly remind you that the future must be changed, rather point the meaning of precedent. It is self-deception! Everything is objective, while the method is for the purpose and objectives of the service. What kind of leadership to define the goal of efforts to determine the direction of subordinate staff. I consulted a business leader surprise choice to implement lean manufacturing to marketing propaganda purposes, to do several training, 鎷嶅嚑寮犵収鐗? preparing some information, websites to advertise something on it, rather than inputs more energy and resources were.

Recently exposed to a certain famous domestic universities specializing in training corporate managers teacher, he told me that Six Sigma has become obsolete. This really surprised me, does the management theory industry is constantly advancing with the times created some fashionable terms and concepts it? Management guru Peter? Drucker once said on: the operator as the same 15-year-old girl on the popular particularly sensitive, meaning that if we find another management company's innovative new techniques, but also want to apply in their own company . But business is not a popular pursuit, not engage in sports, warfare is the leading business management major factor of instability, "single-minded one direction," from Samsung in 2004 a company of action proposed by this phrase can be seen its pragmatic style. In today's competitive environment, single-minded effort is still unable to guarantee success, not to mention almost half-hearted?

The following describes the failure of the two companies to implement Six Sigma case, I believe, in many cases, we learned something from the failure to learn from success than we have much more.

CASE1: a large state-owned group company, in 2001 decided to import a Six Sigma company-wide approach, selected training institutions in Shanghai Six Sigma Black Belt training, there were 30 prospective Heidai participated in the training, but the subject of a bad situation, In addition to a handful of subjects received some results, carried out almost no other topic. Relying on the quality department, the company set up a forward group, but the quality of sector leadership, including (the then Six Sigma advocates-Champion) and promote the panel members did not accept the Six Sigma system, leadership training, after the training itself is not subject Zhidao ability and Master Black Belt did not invite outside (MBB) to issue guidance. Black Belt training prospective study finished in the original returned to their jobs, stay away from issues. Nearly two years of Six Sigma implementation process, Champion many times change, although this is not necessarily the main reason leading to stagnation in the implementation of Six Sigma, but the senior leadership of the deviation of understanding of Six Sigma is the leading propulsion less important factors. Black Belt saw several important heroes useless, have left to Shanghai to develop, this time of the Six Sigma implementation to end in failure, recently, Gai company has chosen to implement lean production, whether Chenggongguanjian lies the Jue Xin Ling Dao .

CASE2: a large private group, under the influence of the company's general manager, has advocated the establishment of a learning organization, often the backbone of selected outstanding cadres and staff go out to learn, within the company are organized all kinds of management knowledge and applied technology training courses, and even some management courses taught by the veterans themselves. In 2002, the company selected the quality of two cadres of the Ministry went to Shanghai to participate in Six Sigma Black Belt training, came back plans to implement Six Sigma company-wide. In 2003, invited a consulting company to implement Six Sigma Black Belt training. After consulting firm involved, first of all to help companies from dozens of candidates selected the 10 Black Belt trained, in a period of 4 months of training (1 week per month), 10 prospective black belt with 10 subjects, edge to edge training issues, the first day of each training subject are to arrange a guide, training the end, the majority of subjects achieved good results. However, very unfortunately, senior leaders of the implementation of Six Sigma as the Hai Shi was 涓?minority development potential Zhiyuantigong Le Yi Ci ability to enhance the learning and personal opportunities, and did not get it as a Jingyingzhanlue discord not set up an effective organization to promote the Six Sigma activities, almost without any incentive to return to the original posts of prospective Black Belts do not have the time issue (the key is not dynamic), after a year, half left the company Black Belt, Six Sigma in The company has since disappeared.

As the two cases, not because of the loss of manpower caused by Six Sigma Six Sigma implementation failure, it is because of the failure in implementing the human loss caused by Six Sigma. From the operational level of its failure, the following general points:

1) training and out of touch the subject of

Six Sigma training is an application for skills training for adults, rather than universal knowledge training. Therefore, the training and selection of import prior to first identify prospective Six Sigma Black Belt issues, participants in the training is done with the learning task, in a period of 4 months of training each week, have the instructor (or outside consultants requested the Master Black Belt or MBB) in each study subject before the new content guide, learn the end of the same time, areas have basically been completed. Student access to Black Belt (BB) Education is a prerequisite for qualification training, examination and certification by the first pieces of topics.



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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To work time "to steal food," the employee settings, "Health Model"

From "stealing food" and "health model" Speaking of

Recently, QQ happy farm for many users, "middle of the night to steal food" phenomenon, in particular, introduced a "health model" of the new features. In the "health model" effect of time period, the system can protect the farm, friends during this time will not steal your food. Open the health model, the day the period 00:00-07:00 of "peace rest time", friends can not be extracted to your farm operation, of course, this time period you can not steal the same good Friends and harvest their crops. 07:00 am after the health model will be automatically lifted.

It is reported that, with the exception QQ farm, happy net, all net sites all have "stolen food" game. QQ farm with "health model" than the network has a similar plan happy, such as the Internet can choose their own gardens have rest time, rest time can not harvest certain plants or animals can not be stolen.

Reclamation enterprises, the staff "stealing food"

Online "stealing food," the game and gradually become a widespread social phenomenon, not only affects the users normal night rest, there are many white-collar work hours indulging in "stealing food" game, leading to decline in the quality and efficiency, and even one has lost his job. However, by comparison, the Internet, "stealing food," only the tip of the iceberg, more work-related network applications, such as the use of QQ, MSN, Want Want Taobao IM tools such as chat, online movies, listening to music, write a blog, in the community and the BBS posting meaningless irrigation, use of BT, Thunder, Express, etc. to download video files, shares, and visit entertainment sites, online shopping, etc., a wide variety of online entertainment acts will occur during working hours in the office. These work-related personal network behavior - in another sense of "stealing food" - taking up a lot of staff time and energy it can not focus at work, work efficiency greatly reduced, but also a waste of units of bandwidth, improved office costs, so that units of the network, "vegetable" shortage, drought, pests and hygiene, production plummeted.

Enterprises access to the Internet in order to better improve employee productivity, business unit to provide efficient and convenient processing tools, communication measures, transport infrastructure and information access platform, on the rational use of network bandwidth resources so that maximum value is the common aspiration of all the network units. However, all staff working hours online behavior of non-work demands it and the unit runs counter to the interests of not only the damaged unit, but not conducive to the growth of its own staff and long-term development. On the one hand, the unit hope the employees can fully physically and mentally during their working hours into work, do not waste a single second of time; the other hand, employees working hours of network resources using the unit dealing with the "private business" can not concentrate at work affect efficiency. Seen in this light, the unit and staff appears to have a confrontation, irreconcilable contradictions. In fact, if handled properly, take the right management, this seemingly irreconcilable contradictions could be eliminated, or even to further the interests of both units and employees to achieve a high degree of unity.

Work and rest, reasonable "extract"

In the end there is a solution to the disorder line staff working hours problem? This problem has plagued the business unit network management, while giving owners a headache. Increasing popularity of the Internet era, network directly off certainly does not work. Staff working hours to monitor the online behavior and the establishment of inspection staff will be more alone time, manpower, material costs, the enterprise is more worth it. Firewalls, proxy servers, routers, gateways, UTM, they can try to network and security management device also no way to solve all the problems in one step. Units can not do anything on the Internet, feel despair, the Shanghai R & D network of new web-way independent inspectors of Internet behavior management device shine in the market to enterprises and institutions of employee Web access management and network information security sheds some light .

For the QQ space, happy network, school web sites such as farms, "stealing food" games, the network can be done to prohibit the staff inspectors working hours access to the site or prevent such network services so that employees can not be big in the working time "kind of vegetables, "" stealing food "and will concentrate on work, security work efficiency. When setting rules, the relevant management staff in various departments according to the nature of work units and specific working conditions of employees to develop flexible management strategies. Typically, if a company working time 9:00-12:00 am, 13:00-18:00 pm, then the company can access the network inspector will allow SNS website and its game time set for the morning and the module 9:00 until noon, 12:00-13:00, and after 18 o'clock this evening the three time periods. In this way, employees can concentrate on work during working hours, non-working time in the game a rest, relax, play a relieve fatigue. Previously described for a wide variety of employee non-work online behavior, the unit can also be taken to develop management strategies of this management.

Network Inspector also allows differentiation of the online personnel authorized by this feature, the unit can be senior managers and key personnel to avoid monitoring, preventing the disclosure of confidential information caused by excessive control. Needs of different departments according to their access to the corresponding authority would allow for unified management. Network Inspector is by far the most professional, most comprehensive network behavior management functions, such as user management, real-time monitoring, access control, bandwidth management, mail interception, desktop management, information auditing, statistical analysis, intelligent maintenance and management of central functions, Internet units can be flexible according to management needs to set their own management strategies and rules, the maximum value of network resources.

Use of the Internet behavior management device, easy to solve the network access unit staff face behavior management problems, Internet behavior management devices appropriately played a "health model" protective effect, employees can not work time to "extract" the fruit farm, the business unit to develop "vegetable" and therefore be effectively protected, the harvest will be better harvest.

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