Sunday, July 25, 2010

Teach you from complex background using Photoshop cutout dress

Some time ago made a "wedding Matting simplest method" tutorial, many people asked, if the background is a flower, how to pull it? Today I again made a tutorial about this, I hope we can be inspired by this tutorial, we extend an open line of thought.

1, the following is the original image to be processed:

Pending pictures

2, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick the main characters (ie non-transparent part) is as follow:

Tick the main body with a pen or lasso

3, as a constituency included in the path. This sentence does not matter if you clear, you press ctrl + Enter to path to ant line on the line. As shown:

As a constituency included in the path

4, to keep ants line the same, automatically generated by ctrl + j "Layer 1", hide the background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Copy constituency for the new layer

5, hidden layer 1, back to the background layer, with the pen tool or lasso tool to tick transparent wedding, we also addressed this important part of transparency.

Outlined some of transparency Wedding

6 Similarly, the press ctrl + Enter so that the path to ant line. Press ctrl + j automatically generated "Layer 2", hidden background layer, the effect shown in the figure:

Generate a new layer copy of constituencies

7, hold down the ctrl key, electric shocks in the red circle icon with the mouse button in the bottom layer 2 automatically generates a "layer 3", will be filled with the blue layer 3, as shown:

New and fill layers

8, we are now thinking of how to dress in a way to get rid of grass in it? Gaussian blur can be done with specific practices, please continue to look down.

Gaussian blur

9, first layer 2 and layer mode to "brightness", you see, the grass disappeared, leaving a white wedding dress and white things like grass.

Change the layer mixed-mode

10, the same pen tool or lasso tool to tick the range of white grass area. As shown:

Outlines the scope of regional white grass

11, emergence constituency

Emergence constituency

12, emergence is 2

Eclosion value of 2

13, Gaussian blur

Gaussian blur

14, we see, by the Gaussian blur, the elimination of the Pennisetum-like things, but the wedding was not very transparent.

Gaussian blur effect

15, in order to make more transparent wedding, you need to adjust the "Brightness / Contrast" the.

Adjust the "Brightness / Contrast"

16, will transfer into the brightness value of -15, significantly higher than on the wedding plans a bit transparent.

Set the brightness value

17, press ctrl + d cancel ant line, so that layer 1 appears before the eyes, the wedding matting basically completed.


18, back to Layer 1, with the stamp tool to trim the edge of the weeds clothes.

Clothes with a seal tool to trim the edge of the weeds

19, with the stamp tool a few random points, the final results as shown:

We see, Wedding pull out! Is it difficult to pull it? As long as we are willing to use their brains, it is also not difficult!

Add this: We must note that this is a very important addition! If the background is different, the final results are not satisfactory, can be transparent to the color layer wedding, and then change the layer mode to "screen" (the "color filter"), then "Brightness / Contrast" command slightly adjusted depending on the circumstances, the effect as good.

To color

Change the layer mixed mode "screen (the color filter)"

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